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No. 907
March 18, 2015
Series 900

Tissue Engineering

No. Inch.

Pharmakustik is Siegmar Fricke. He debuts on No. with his album "Tissue Engineering" as catalogue number No. 907 and part of the prolific series 900.

The German artist whose musical activities started back in 1981 is one of the most active creators of electronic music we know. His first cassette "Plastic Music" was released all the way back in 1986 in the very dominant European tape scene.

Mainly focussed on musique-concréte experiments, using magnetophones and shortwave radio signals, Fricke then founded "Efficient Refineries", a project that deals with rhythmic structures meeting "industrial" elements. With "Pharmakustik" Fricke redirected towards the blend of textures, ambient soundscapes and their combination with rhythms and selected voice particles arriving at a result that is reminiscent of music once known as "Trance". The "Tissue Engineering" album herewith presented, contains 5 original tracks produced by Siegmar Fricke plus the Material Object remix of "Regenerative Medicine".

Music : Siegmar Fricke
Mastered by Atom™ at the Bowman Suite,
Santiago De Chile, 2014
Artwork by Material Object
© No. 2015

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