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No. 902
June 26, 2014
Series 900

Alpha Txt Live at Labyrinth 2012

No. Inch.

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"Alpha Txt" is a live set performed by Atom™ since 2011. Stylistically it explores the realm of ambient music, both by quoting and live resampling of existing compositions as well as improvising new ones, adapting the set to the mood of the moment.

When invited to open the Labyrinth festival in Japan in 2012, a happening that takes place outdoors, in a forest up in the mountains of Naeba, Atom™ prepared a special set designed for that very situation: he started the festival with a 15 minute fade-in of a cricket sound which then slowly blended with synthetic insect sounds until it morphed into the full set, converting the start of the festival, which was accompanied by heavy rain, into a mysterious, blurry zone which seemed to emerge from the forest itself.

Tracklist: 1) Alpha Txt live at Labyrinth 2012

All tracks written by Atom™, 2013/2014.
Rain recording by Material Object.
Produced by Atom™.

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