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No. 900
May 1, 2014
Series 900

Early Reflections
No. Inc.

No. Inch (Digital Download)

"No. Inc." are Material Object and Atom™.

When both artists decided to launch their "No." label imprint in 2013, a musical statement was created that would encapsulate the spirit of their endeavour. The full length album was entitled "Early Reflections" and musically explores the realm loosely labeled "ambient", a style both artists have elaborated independently throughout the last decades.

"Early Reflections" contains 7 movements, all of which draw a very unique selection of vistas, from abstract to classic drones and beyond. "Early Reflections" outlines the path for their "No." imprint by opening up a vast variety of moods and emotions.

The "Early Reflections EP I", which contains an ambient outtake and an exclusive, new track will be released digitally and on limited edition (180g) vinyl on the 15th of May 2014.

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