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No. 306
January 8, 2017
Series 300

Pulsed Lavage

No. Inch + CD

Pharmakustik, who previously graced the No. catalog in collaboration with Chile’s Raw C, presents his debut full length album in the guise of ‘Pulsed Lavage’ which, according to the artist himself, is an audiosurgical album. In its original medical context, the term means 'removal of necrotic tissues in wounds by pressurized hydrosolutions’.

As an album, Pulsed Lavage expertly manouvres the multilple stylistic themes within, from opiate induced narcotic bliss through to hammer & nails Tanzfloor techno. The album is as raw as it is beautiful, zig zagging between moods almost like the automated surgical tools of its namesake.
Pulsed Lavage, fun for all the Manson family..

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