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No. 303
April 25, 2015
Series 300


No. Inch.

NSI. is the long running collaboration between Tobias Freund and Max Loderbauer.

Both artists have a more than impressive history in the world of Electronic Music. Tobias Freund, appearing as Pink Elln, one half of Sieg Über Die Sonne with Dandy Jack and of course his collaborations with No. label founder Atom™ or simply as 'Tobias.' and Max Loderbauer, half of pioneering group Sun Electric, one third of the Moritz Von Oswald Trio, regular collaborator with Ricardo Villalobos and exceptional artist in his own right, join forces again for their No. debut with their album "A.R.T."

As a product of many late night studio sessions, "A.R.T." leads us into abstract, drifting structures that can be charactarized by their special mood. The full length release is a true genre tourist, visiting regions of ambient and noise, with glimpses of industrial, along side both strange and familiar tones generated in the analog realm complimented by digital overtones from the artist's own custom Max MSP inventions. Released as No. 303 it is placed in the series 300 which in itself stands for a different take on ambient investigation.

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