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No. 302
February 25, 2015
Series 300

Jacek Sienkiewicz

No. Inch.

Jacek Sienkiewicz is not an unknown force in the universe of electronically generated music.

Born 1976 in Warsaw, Poland, the city were he still resides and works, his musical debut occurred in 1999 with his “Recognition” album. The album shares it's name with his own label on which it was released. Since then he has released multiple 12"s on Recognition and other labels, mainly featuring music aimed at the dance floor. Even though he considers himself an outsider, his work as a solo artist and countless collaborations with other well established artists and labels around the world will evoke a different picture.

Now presenting his latest work “Nomatter”, this full length album, released as catalogue number No. 302, features seven highly crafted pieces of dark, abstract ambient, if we dare to add those adjectives to this very original creation. The tracks on "Nomatter" were created between 2008 and 2014 and carefully sequenced into the album. Touching the psychedelic side of ambient- and industrial music, Jacek Sienkiewicz has without doubt managed to expand the narrow vocabulary of said genres. The east is the new west!

All tracks written and produced by Jacek Sienkiewicz.
Recorded at Recognition/Warsaw, 2008-2014.
Mastered by Atom™.
Artwork by Material Object and the artist.
Original painting by Marek Ejsmond Ślusarczyk.

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