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No. 301
February 4, 2015
Series 300

When Pressure Goes Pleasure

No. Inch.

As the second release in the 300 Series, No. proudly presents "When Pressure Goes Pleasure". This 10 track album by the UK based artist DJ335 (aka Susanne Archer) might be the most rhythmical release on "No." so far. Each of the short (2-3 minute) tracks on "When Pressure Goes Pleasure" is an outburst of rough, odd-measured beats, combined with textures and noise, which the artist herself describes as "linear trash”.

"I come from a post-punk background, which has a lot to do with the linearity of electronic music on one hand, and the destructive attitude of "industrial" on the other…the music I’m making right now might be considered a extension of those two sides of the spectrum.” Susanne Archer isn't a total unknown in the British noise scene, yet, until now, has never released any of her work revealing her real name.

"Converting the DJ into the hero and protagonist of electronic music might have been the most reactionary and damaging thing that happened to that genre. From a very early stage, I decided not to take part in that." That said, "When Pleasure Goes Pleasure" no doubt introduces a new kind of mood to the "No." label, extending and exploring the "Series 300" as catalogue number 301.

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