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No. 200
July 15, 2014
Series 200

Go Love Without the Help of Anything on Earth
Mr. Projectile

No. Inch.

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Matthew Arnold aka "Mr. Projectile" has an extensive history in electronic music.

From his early beginnings in the '90s with releases on labels such as Toytronic, Merck Records, and Musik aus Strom, he has remained faithful to what some call "IDM". His background has mostly been influenced by electronic music, as that's what he was always drawn to, but other influences have ranged from The Cure, Aphex Twin, The White Stripes, Autechre, The Dead Weather, Plaid, Led Zeppelin, to the early Detroit techno artists.

With this EP entitled "Go Love Without the Help of Anything on Earth" Mr. Projectile presents a selection of new tracks on the No. label (initiating a new series, as catalogue number No. 200!) which were carefully mastered by Atom™ himself and will be accompanied by Material Object's sleeve design, integrating this masterpiece into the overall No. vision of music.

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