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No. 909
August 27, 2015
Series 900

Texturen I

No. Inch

“Texturen I” is Atom™’s first solo release on the No. label imprint which he is running with Material Object. Adding words to Atom™’s prolific 150+ album catalogue would be an exercise in futility. Especially in the field of ambient music, his output has been both prolific and profound from the early ‘90s onwards with albums such as “Orange”, “Live at del I/S/C”, or “Superficial Depth”, to name but a few.

“Texturen I” connects somewhere there in the ambient space, presenting a one hour track which can be described as a bright, lucid excursion into minimal sonic surfaces. Due to its obvious minimalism and perhaps because it lacks tension, darkness or the habitual psychedelic twists, “Texturen I” feels like a positive slow motion zoom into a limitless white void. Released as catalogue number No. 909, “Texturen I” continues the series of classic ambient releases “No.” had put out over the last 18 months, quite a few in which Atom™ himself had participated.

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