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No. 906
January 13, 2015
Series 900

Zero Time Collapsing
Atom™ + Jacek Sienkiewicz

No. Inch.

Atom™ and Jacek Sienkiewicz each performed their own solo ambient/experimental sets at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw on the 10th of August 2014. Taking advantage of the situation, they decided to play an improvised joint set towards the end of the evening which was recorded and later edited into the version now presented. Musically, both artists explored the abstract realms of textures and soundscapes, going back and forth between tonal and atonal improvisations.

Consequently, given the catalogue number "No. 906" it was placed in "No."s well established 900 series. The 27 minute piece, even though dwelling in rather dark atmospheres, manages to establish a positively hypnotizing and, some may say "psychedelic", effect. Certainly describing zero time collapsing, the way it had taken place, for some, in Warsaw on that very day.

Performed live at MSN (Museum of Modern Art),
Warsaw, 10.08.2014.
Edited, mixed and mastered by Atom™ at the
Bowman Suite, Santiago de Chile, 2014.
Recorded directly onto flash drive.
Original on-site recording by Kasia Szczerba.
Special thanks to Paweł Nowożycki - for invitation etc.

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