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No. 901
May 15, 2014
Series 000

Early Reflections EP I
No. Inc.

12 Inch & No Inch

The first 12 Inch from No. Inc.

Available from:

Bleep UK
Juno UK
ForcedExposure USA
Redeye Records UK

"No. Inc." are Material Object and Atom™.

When both artists decided to launch their "No." label imprint in 2013, a musical statement was created that would encapsulate the spirit of their endeavour. The full length album was entitled "Early Reflections" and musically explores the realm loosely labeled "ambient", a style both artists have elaborated independently throughout the last decades.

"Early Reflections" contains 7 movements, all of which draw a very unique selection of vistas, from abstract to classic drones and beyond. "Early Reflections" outlines the path for their "No." imprint by opening up a vast variety of moods and emotions.

The 12" Vinyl edition of the EP is pressed on 180 gram stock and comes in a deluxe custom cover.

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Also available on vinyl

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