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No. 910
December 7, 2015
Series 900

Invisible Light
Material Object + Ishq

CD + No. Inch.

The first collaboration between No. label co-founder Material Object and prolific, rural Britsh soundsmith Ishq. "Invisible Light" is a rejuvenating stroll at interstellar velocities through an unfamiliar landscape populated by unknown plants, strange creatures and bizarre illuminations. Patiently evolving beneath a lush canopy of light and shade, echoing ecosystems of drone interleave themselves with crunching rhythmic passages, all culminating on a euphoric plane, a mossy and arboreal slew that induces a full flowering of the
Third Eye.

Presented here as No. 910, the 18th release on the No. label and the third limited edition compact disc, for your enjoyment.

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