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No. 308
January 10, 2019
Series 300

Efficient Refineries

Cd. No Inch

No. 308 - Efficient Refineries - Terahertz

What on God’s Grey Earth are Efficient Refineries? Far from being some post truth, fake nude, Chinese hoax, alt Reich Republican Boy Band they are indeed the dark union of previous No. label acolyte Siegmar Fricke / Pharmakustik and his Spanish wet nurse co-conspiritor Miguel Angel Ruiz.

Siegmar / Pharmakustik is fondly remembered for his efforts on various No. releases including his most recent ‘Pulsed Lavage’ alongside his solo material and collaborative work with the infamous German artist Conrad Schnitzler. Miguel Angel Ruiz has distinguished himself as one of the pioneers of Hispanic Electronic Music with his output since the early 80’s and together these dark minds have been defiling sound systems since 1995. They appear here for the first time in an Unholy Trinity with No.

Together, the two parents unite as laboratory partners utilising forbidden science and as yet unapproved future medicinal magicks to give birth to new life, in the classic Frankensteinian sense of the word. The behavioural and cognitive characteristics of each parent have been clearly imprinted onto the problem child to whom they gave birth and her early childhood development coach has described him as the sonic equivalent of the discovery of a new species from a far away, undiscovered territory, thought to be a hoax constructed by the devil from parts of lesser beasts.

Terahertz is not for the faint of heart and it might just make your heart faint.

No. 2019.

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